Certificates of Deposit

Choose a savings solution on your terms.

Being in control of your finances is a powerful way to prepare for your short and long term goals. And a BNBC certificate of deposit can help you reach them with a combination of flexible terms and competitive interests rates. Choose from a selection of terms and rates to help you stay on target for your savings goals.

TermAnnual Percentage YieldInterest
Minimum Opening Deposit
12 month1.30%1.29%check-mark-md$1,000.00
18 month1.45%1.44%check-mark-md$1,000.00
24 month1.55%1.54%check-mark-md$1,000.00
36 month1.65%1.64%check-mark-md$1,000.00
48 month1.70%1.69%check-mark-md$1,000.00
60 month1.75%1.74%check-mark-md$1,000.00

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 3/19/2018 and applies only to the initial term of your certificate of deposit (CD). Advertised rate is fixed for the duration of the term and is subject to change or discontinuance at CD maturity. Minimum balance required to open the CD and obtain the stated APY is $1,000. APY assumes interest earned remains on deposit until maturity. Interest is compounded daily. Early withdrawal penalty BNBC apply. Account fees could reduce earnings. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our Depositor’s Agreement and applicable Schedule of Fees for additional information. BNBC reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time. Please contact a BNBC representative for additional details.
Please see our Depositor’s Agreement Terms and Conditions for additional information.