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Homeowner's Assistance Programs

 If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payments due to financial hardship, we want to help you. In order for us to help, it is important that you take action now. Not taking action could result in the loss of your home and a negative impact to your credit score, thereby impeding future home loans or other credit opportunities.

By coming here, you have already taken the first step. We will walk you through the rest. Let's get started by reviewing the following options for assistance.

Step 1: Review the options and assistance programs below:

Click on each to learn more.
If you want to stay in your home and/or retain ownership of your property: If you are unable or not interested in retaining ownership of your property:

Being a homeowner is a dream you don't want to lose, but perhaps circumstances have created a hardship to making your current payment.

If staying in your home or retaining your property is your goal, you BNBC be eligible for the following assistance.

If your hardship is such that you are unable to afford to retain ownership of your home or property, you BNBC be eligible for the following assistance.
Repayment Plan Short Sale
Loan Modification Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

Step 2: Obtain your personal information

Obtain the following information and documents that will be necessary to determine the assistance program(s) you are eligible for:

  1. Most recent tax return
  2. Proof of income (for example, paycheck stub, bank statements, etc.)

Step 3: Contact Us

Once you have reviewed the options/assistance programs above and gathered your personal information, it is important that you contact us so we can help you. We cannot assist you without hearing from you first.

In addition to our general correspondence address, BNBC, N.A. has established an exclusive address to receive notifications of error and requests for information relating to the servicing of your loan.

If you suspect a potential error has occurred with your mortgage loan account or if you would like to request information about the servicing of your mortgage loan, you must write to us at this exclusive address: